• Mike McLean
  • need volunteers

Community Events

  • need volunteers

Building and Grounds
Mike McLean, Bob Wright, need volunteers

Mike McLean, need volunteers

Finance Committee
Dianne Flow

Insurance carrier for Greenslake
Nationwide Insurance Company-

Sam Schirmer, Agent 1312 Bowman Road, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464 843-881-4707

Board of Directors

  • Sylvia Stapleton
  • Patricia Tulis
  • Mike McLean
  • Hunter Huff

Bob Wright

All members of the board, any of the committees and Maintenance can be reached at 843-569-8399. Please leave a message and someone will return your call. Since all of the people supporting this HOA are volunteers the phone is not manned eight(8) hours a day. Phone calls are answered Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday by our volunteer board members. Occasionally, there are emergencies where the phone may not be answered on one of those days, but will be answered the next scheduled day.